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La diseñadora de interiores Jimena Sarli presentando a su clienta muestras de encimeras de cocinas silestone dekton porcelánico mármol natural
La diseñadora de interiores Jimena Sarli creando un moodboard de decoración interior para personas seguras de sí mismas, creado por la Diseñadora de Interiores Jimena Sarli de Barcelona

Design your home consciously and in style.

The planning stages of a reform are a headache... how will the space be if we demolish this partition? What shade of paint shall I choose? Will this combination of tiles look good? How do I tell the builder to place tiles? To choose materials, lighting, furniture, paints and take care of the purchases and resolve all the doubts that arise in the process.

Deciding on the design of each room in your home drains all your energy and consumes all your time.


I can guide you to make the right decisions to get the home you deserve. You will gain confidence in decision-making, you will feel light and safe focusing on the decisions that will lead you to turn your house into your dream home.


You deserve to feel confident to create the home of your dreams, without detours.

Moodboard de decoración interior para personas seguras de sí mismas, creado por la Diseñadora de Interiores Jimena Sarli de Barcelona
Moodboard de decoración interior para personas seguras de sí mismas, creado por la Diseñadora de Interiores Jimena Sarli de Barcelona

If you are here it is because you are a person of action, with very clear ideas about the commitment you have to your home and your well-being.

Let's put focus on your home, through a virtual style consultancy. Where would you like to start?  Do you have questions about your reform or decoration project? Is it difficult for you to choose the colors, the furniture and find coherence to your home? Are you unaware of quality shops and brands that suit your style? 


We are going to focus on getting the most out of the advice. I will send you in writing what I need you to send me prior to our meeting to move forward efficiently. 

A work session with me
in o
nline format  

​What you can expect:

An intensive session of work in ONLINE format

  • Customer questionnaire

  • 1 hour and 1/2 consultancy

  • Follow-up through a summary document with recommendations

Click here to receive more information about this service.

Mesa de trabajo de la diseñadora de interiores Jimena Sarli en su estudio clásico moderno en Sant Pere de Ribes

The process to solve your doubts is simple



Hire the service to receive a date proposal, according to the availability in my agenda. The work session will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Madrid time) from Monday to Friday.



After hiring, I will send you a brief document (Briefing) so that you can prepare certain information and data, which will be the starting point of our working day.



Download the Zoom program for free on your desktop, tablet or mobile. After booking you will receive a link an email with the link of the meeting and the steps to follow.



You will get personalized advice. After the session you will receive a summary document with recommendations for your project.

La Diseñadora de interiores Jimena Sarli creando un ramo de flores natural con peonias, dalias y rosas luciendo en el jarrón artesanal de diseño Omaggio blanco perla de Kähler

People no longer want a house but to create a home that makes them feel emotions

Therefore, thinking about each aspect of your home will bring you closer to creating a home that excites you, that makes you feel happy.


Why not invest time in
solving them?

Having a home involves making decisions and taking actions. And sometimes, in the rhythm of life that we lead, we are not aware and end up falling into the wheel of abandoning your home or wasting without a strategy, ignoring aspects such as your own style, the quality and beauty of your home.


You have invested time and wasted your money. That is why we are going to sit down together, you and I, in a style consultancy in which we will focus on what you are doing and I will guide you in the decisions regarding the design of the house of your life.


You ask, and I analyze and answer. Because moving forward without strategy is not going to lead you to create the home of your dreams.

La diseñadora de interiores Jimena Sarli trabajando en su estudio de interiorismo y decoración
  • How does the bespoke interior design service work?
    It all begins with a Discovery call. I advise my clients to prepare a summary with photos, and describe the challenges they face. Having the plans is also very useful to start getting familiar with the space.
  • Do you use only specific brands of furniture, lighting, etc.?
    No! Through our network of curated sources, we design one-of-a-kind homes tailor made to our client's lifestyle and aesthetic goals. We will introduce different options and you will have total freedom of choosing the right products for your special project.
  • How long does the design process take?
    The design process varies depending on the project scope. We will work closely with you to meet your timeline expectations and communicate lead times from the selected suppliers.
  • Do you welcome client involvement in the design process?
    Absolutely. I believe a project is not only about design; it is also the expression of my client's lifestyle and life aspirations. Taking the time to understand every client's wishes is fundamental to achieving the perfect result.
  • What does Bespoke Interior Design consist of?
    When you start designing your home you have to make many investments. I know that, unfortunately, design and decoration seem like easy things to do and yet you will invest a lot of time and effort. That's why I want to help you so that the time you invest is not in vain: that you design a home with awareness of its full potential and strategy to bring your sense of beauty to life, knowing that these are the best decisions for your home.
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