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Mesa de trabajo de la Diseñadora de Interiores Jimena Sarli con la esencia y valores que su Interior Design Studio posee


The Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges, holding a VOGUE Interior Design Magazine while looking at the beautiful buildings through a black window.

Meet Lady J. Interiors


Hi, Welcome to my Universe. I am Jimena, a passionate Interior Designer based in Sitges, coastal city in Barcelona. I work with international clients to create amazing Mediterranean homes. 

Lady J. Interiors is the result of PASSION to create beautiful, sophisticated and timeless interiors where you will treasure life-worthy moments spent with your family and friends. 
I blend beauty with purpose. I move ordinary into extraordinary homes. I am a seeker of authentic beauty, a creator, a storyteller who tells client stories through the use of colours, textures, and
-I know how craft turnkey solutions for your home through strategy, sophisticated design and a high standard service.

LADY J. Interiors believes...



Sense of art and aesthetics

Interior design is an art that not only covers a basic need but also appeals to the most emotional needs of our clients. To live in an environment that makes us feel special, reminds us who we are and welcome all the important moments in our lives. 


Elegance is not opulence

At Lady J. we design homes with a subtle, innate, simple and sophisticated elegance. We are not looking to build museum homes that generate fear of being used, nor opulent interiors. True elegance lies in simplicity, it endures over time and, in our case, we associate it with a classic English style in its most Mediterranean version.


Botanic interior design

We believe in the power of incorporating nature inside homes, as part of the interior design, as a tool of direct connection with emotional well-being of the people who are going to live and create moments at home.


I have created a team of collaborators so that your interior reaches as far as you need: architects, builders, electricians, carpenters, restorers and upholsterers, working together for the same purpose.

Because you deserve to live in a home where you feel comfortable and bring out the best in you and those who inhabit it.

My network of collaborators is as big as your needs. Paintings and wallpapers, lighting fixtures, custom-made furniture, quality textiles. Do you need something special? Do not hesitate to let me know.

The Interior designer Jimena Sarli working in her Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges,  as she executs the drawing plans of a house renovation project in Sant Pere de Ribes-Garraf.

You provide the space,
we elevate it

READY FOR your next step?

Maybe you have already started that special special project. If you are ready
for your next step, I'd love to know more about you and your project!

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