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La mesa de trabajo en el estudio de la Diseñadora de Interiores Jimena Sarli en Barcelona, presentando a un cliente propuestas de materiales como suelos de parquet natural, alfombras Cotlin, telas de tapicería y confección a medida y paleta de colores de Farrow & Barrel


The Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors , designing an elegant and classic kitchen with blue cabinets and marble.

When Architecture and Interior Design are considered together, they allow us to create a life-worthy backdrop.

What sets Lady J. Interiors apart is our passion to transform interiors into extraordinary homes, homes that make you feel, vibrate and connect with others.


Imagine you are about to embark on a house renovation. There is the excitement. The planning. The inspiration. You’re ready to get started. 

The project starts moving. Not as quickly as you would have thought. There are contractors to be chosen, meetings to be done, permits to be filled, permits to wait for. You take a deep breath and stay patient.

Finally, the renovation starts. Suddenly all your contractors have a say about how you should live. You are overwhelmed. You are afraid to make a mistake. There is a lot going on your budget and time and choices. All of those choices are your home.

I know that home renovations are exciting and... they also get absolutely overwhelming.

Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges, creating a bespoke interior design house proposal.
The Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges,  working with a client on an integral renovation and decoration project in Sant Pere de Ribes-Garraf.

Bringing Lady J. Interiors into the technical & planning phase of your project will make a life changing difference.

We will welcome you onboard to our passionate interior design universe and show you your home through our elegant, classic and timeless lens. You will enjoy a thoughtful project that will step by step reveal the beauty of your house and, throughout your choices, reflect your unique personality. 

Not only we will alleviate stress through what it can be a stressful, challenging and time consuming process, but we will guide you through making decisions to help bring your vision to life. 

As a full-scale interior design firm with passion for details, each project is tailored toward the client and its distinctive lifestyle to create comfortable, beautiful and personal homes.

Clients Say

Mediterranean modern classic family retreat in Sitges, designed by the Interior Designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors

 Our house looks fabulous and we are very happy with the end result


Jimena did a great job for us. It was a sizeable project and there was a lot to do. She brought a superb combination of creative & design, technical knowledge and project management. She conducts herself in a professional manner, always on time and her attention to detail is very high. Our house looks fabulous and we are very happy with the end result. We would recommend her without question.

Your interior is about to feel all this...




We craft interiors to enhance the wellbeing of our clients, so they can live in an environment that makes them feel special, that reminds them who we are and that welcomes all the important moments of their lives. 



The pleasure of surrounding yourself with authentic beauty, blending art with purpose, and refining details that others may overlook, are part of the experience of working with Lady J. Interiors.



Searching for a sophisticated simplicity in the interiors through the use of color, textures, light and timeless pieces, classic shapes with modern silhouettes, to elevate the everyday moments in the home environment.

End to end design


My method to create your dream home
is simple




You will receive a budget estimation. This will include design fees, labour and site supervision. Materials will be estimated roughly, since it will depend on the quality chosen, which will be adjusted to your budget at all times.



We will talk about what your objectives, taste and budget. 



We will meet in your home and I will take all the relevant measurements and photos.



When you feel ready to take the next step, we will proceed with the booking throughout a reservation payment, leading to the beginning of the design phase.



Let the interior design project begin! You will receive a first deliverable to ensure that we are on the same page. 



During the process, I will introduce material options according to your budget for your selection (from flooring, wall coverings, fabrics, ...).



With the interior design proposal accepted, I will send you a budget breakdown  and we will begin the refurbishment!



I will coordinate the work, contractors and suppliers.

With the project completed, I offer a styling service.

Integral renovation of a house with modern classic style

If you are ready to take your home to the next level, I would love to accompany you.

No more seeing all the defects in your home, no more clutter, no more lack of space, no more wasted rooms, no more graceless corners where you don't feel identified, no more misinvesting your time and wasting your money.


If you've come this far, you're ready to create the home you deserve, let's get to work!

A Taste Of Our Design Work

Family retreat in Sitges

Fifty shades of Grey

La Torratxa

How can Lady J. Interiors
help you?

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