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Detalle de las manos de la diseñadora de interiores Jimena Sarli trabajando en un proyecto de decoración


The Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges,  working with a client on an integral renovation and decoration project in Sant Pere de Ribes-Garraf.

It takes time, imagination & sophisticated taste to make a home look like heaven. But there is no passion in settling for an uninspiring interior. 

Lady J. Interiors creates thoughtful homes to promote comfort and delight, and ultimately to enhance the enjoyment of life. 


Imagine you are standing in front of your dream house in Spain... you know that door is special...

The door opens and you step inside your dream house. You have a special feeling you can’t even describe; it feels like it could be your home.
Now imagine that behind it, a creator has been busy assembling the most perfect house for you to live in. Based in your unique preferences and desires, like a work of art that has been carefully crafted and it finally comes to life. Feel the happiness in your heart as you see your choices around the room. This is your house. You feel relaxed and at home, you feel inspired. This house is perfect for you in every way.

The Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges,  working with a client on an integral renovation and decoration project in Sant Pere de Ribes-Garraf.

We work with you to reflect your life style,  your tastes, passions and daily rituals though design, and ultimately to create carefully considered, functional and elegant spaces.

Lady J. Interiors is a complete turnkey solution, a 1 to 1 guide that will accompany you from the conception to completion of your dream home.  


Clients Say

Beautiful, bold, elegant reception furniture with deep blue,white and mustard color palette designed by the Interior Designer Studio Lady J. Interiors for a house renovation in Sitges.

 Our house looks fabulous and we are very happy with the end result


Jimena did a great job for us. It was a sizeable project and there was a lot to do. She brought a superb combination of creative & design, technical knowledge and project management. She conducts herself in a professional manner, always on time and her attention to detail is very high. Our house looks fabulous and we are very happy with the end result. We would recommend her without question.

LADY J. believes ...



Sense of art and aesthetics

Interior design is an art that not only covers a basic need but also appeals to the most emotional needs of our clients. To live in an environment that makes us feel special, reminds us who we are and welcome all the important moments in our lives. 


Elegance is not opulence

At Lady J. we design homes with a subtle, innate, simple and sophisticated elegance. We are not looking to build museum homes that generate fear of being used, nor opulent interiors. True elegance lies in simplicity, it endures over time and, in our case, we associate it with a classic English style in its most Mediterranean version.


Botanic interior design

We believe in the power of incorporating nature inside homes, as part of the interior design, as a tool of direct connection with emotional well-being of the people who are going to live and create moments at home.

We design interiors reflective of your unique personality, handling every aspect of the project, from conception to completion.


My method to create your
dream home is simple




Without understanding your needs and taste, I could not create a home that you fall in love with. Therefore, we will talk  about your goals, your taste, what works and what does not work in your home and your budget. This is what I call the foundations of your project.



You do not only need a beautiful home, but one that is functional and economically feasible. Therefore, I will analyze your needs and bring out the true potential of your home within these boundaries.



Once the design and the budget have been approved, we begin the phase of contractors hiring and scheduling their activities. I am in charge of project management, supply and coordination of deliveries and execution, so that your project is a success. Professionalism 100% guaranteed.  



Sooner or later magic begins. Your home will be ready to be enjoyed after so much time of dreaming, planning and executing.


Finally your home represents you and your family. Now it's time to enjoy your achievements.

A Taste Of Our Design Work

Family retreat in Sitges

Fifty shades of Grey

La Torratxa

The Interior designer Jimena Sarli from the Interior Design Studio Lady J. Interiors in Sitges,  working with a client on an integral renovation and decoration project in Sant Pere de Ribes-Garraf.

Ready to  create 
home you fall in love with?

No more frustration, no more buying objects without planning that do not bring you closer to the home of your dreams, no more misinvesting your time and wasting your money.


If you are ready to experience a professional decoration project and get that change of impact that you have pictured so many times, let's get on with it!

  • How does the bespoke interior design service work?
    It all begins with a Discovery call. I advise my clients to prepare a summary with photos, and describe the challenges they face. Having the plans is also very useful to start getting familiar with the space.
  • Do you use only specific brands of furniture, lighting, etc.?
    No! Through our network of curated sources, we design one-of-a-kind homes tailor made to our client's lifestyle and aesthetic goals. We will introduce different options and you will have total freedom of choosing the right products for your special project.
  • How long does the design process take?
    The design process varies depending on the project scope. We will work closely with you to meet your timeline expectations and communicate lead times from the selected suppliers.
  • Do you welcome client involvement in the design process?
    Absolutely. I believe a project is not only about design; it is also the expression of my client's lifestyle and life aspirations. Taking the time to understand every client's wishes is fundamental to achieving the perfect result.
  • What does Bespoke Interior Design consist of?
    When you start designing your home you have to make many investments. I know that, unfortunately, design and decoration seem like easy things to do and yet you will invest a lot of time and effort. That's why I want to help you so that the time you invest is not in vain: that you design a home with awareness of its full potential and strategy to bring your sense of beauty to life, knowing that these are the best decisions for your home.

How can Lady J. Interiors
help you?

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