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7 Tips from Interior Designers in Sitges to Add Personality to Your Home's Architecture

Do you live in a newly built home or in an old home that lacks architectural details that give it character and personality? Have you bought a new home that feels cold and impersonal? Would you like to find beauty in every corner of your home with a modern-classic soul? As an expert Interior Designer in Sitges, from Lady J. Interiors today I give you the keys to achieve it.

I have always thought that the more beautiful the architecture of an interior is, the less you need to invest in other things to make it perfect. For that reason, today I will talk about how to elevate your interior, from the bases.

Please find as follows 7 key elements that will turn your home into an interior full of personality which makes you feel excited!

Skirting in style

Skirting not only fulfil a function (to allow for some space for the natural expansion of wooden floors or to protect the walls from cleaning processes...), but they are also a key element in the decoration of your home. They can go unnoticed, or create a piece of art on an empty canvas. Do you dare to give your skirting boards the prominence they deserve?

In the following example, a low skirting has been combined with an upper trimming creating a high skirting effect that creates a minimalist interior without sacrificing elegance. In this case, the beauty of the contrast between new and antique has also been used through the solid wood stool.

7 formas de añadir personalidad a la arquitectura de tu casa: consejos de Interioristas en Sitges: Inspiración de zócalos altos, decoración minimalista y elegante

Image credit: Orac Decor

Furthermore, the skirting can blend unnoticed into the wall, or become the main character of a room, highlighting the architecture of a space, all depending on how we paint the room.

If you like interiors with a dramatic feel, try painting the wall in a dark tone, while the skirting and cornice in a light tone, like the following example. This works especially well in rooms with high ceilings, because painting the skirting in a different color gives the impression that the ceiling is lower, creating a feeling of cozyness. On the contrary, if it is painted the same color as the wall, the room appears taller.

7 formas de añadir personalidad a la arquitectura de tu casa: consejos de Interioristas en Sitges Interior dramático con paredes en azul profundo, zócalos y techos en blanco

Image credit: Farrow and ball

But perhaps you prefer the following formula, painting the skirting and carpentry in a darker tone. As you can see, the result can be spectacular.

Zócalos y carpinteria pintados en color negro, en oposición a paredes y techos en color blanco, elegante y minimalista.

Photo Credit: Barnaby Lane

Although... most of us prefer to live in more peaceful interior, which allow us to connect with our inner world. For this reason, I couldn't help but show you the following formula, where the walls are painted in a warm grey tone, while the skirting, cornice and ceiling are painted in white. It is a subtle and delicate combination that is far from being boring. As you can see, in this case the color palette provided by the rest of the decorative elements stands out, giving them more presence.

Inspiración de pintura de habitación, paredes estan pintadas en un tono gris cálido, mientras que el zócalo, la moldura y el techo en blanco.

Image Credit: Aparment Therapy

On other occasions, the skirting highlights a wallpaper or a hand painted mural. Regardless of your case, selecting a skirting and its finish appropriately are key.

Chair rail

In the past, chairs and armchairs were placed in the center of the rooms only when they were going to be used. When not, they were kept along the perimeter of the rooms. The 'dado rail' was the trimming that protected the majestic fabrics that covered the walls at that time. Nowadays, the dado rail brings architectural interest to spaces, providing a little trip to the past.

Below you can see some examples and therefore the potential that this element can bring to your home.

If the dado rail is painted the same color as the rest of the wall, a blend is achieved between all the elements, creating an elegant and very natural space. It is the following example, where decorative trimming has also been installed between the skirting and the dado rail, elevating the beauty of this Parisian floor.

Pared con molduras, dado rail y skirting, pintado en blanco creando un interior elegante y minimalista

Image Credit: Davide Lovatti

If you prefer to highlight its presence a little, you can paint the lower part in a different tone, as in the following example, where the lower section of the wall is painted in a cream color, and the upper part in white. This combination creates a minimalist elegance that highlights other architectural aspects of the home, such as in this case the iron staircase and its beautiful handrail.

Sutil contraste en pared que acompaña a una escalera, se ha pintado una moldura a media altura en color beige y la parte superior en blanco.

Image Credit: Lonny

Hey, maybe you like the idea of giving it a vintage touch but you're missing a spark of joy or a more modern touch. Look at the following example, where the dado rail has been painted green, followed by the side wall painted in that same color. By painting the dado rail in a different color we manage to elevate the view, which leads us to discover the wallpaper of the room in the background.

Inspiración creativa de papel pintado para transicionar habitaciones, elegante, fresco y divertido

Image credit: Cole & Son

In this other example, the dado rail acts as a design element used in a different and visually stimulating way. The dado rail delimits the lower part of the wall, painted in anthracite, from the upper part, painted in dusty pink, which is again highlighted by the continuous black strip above the dado rail. As you can see, in this case the effect of color has been carefully analysed, creating a space that curiously works.

Inspiración de pintura de habitación, estimulante visualmente, El dado delimita la parte inferior de la pared, pintada en color gris, de la parte superior, pintada en un rosa viejo y a su vez resaltado por la línea contínua en negro por encima del dado.

Image credit: Isabel Peinado

Picture rail

It's clear, in the past people used to love moldings. Not only that, but they used trimming with a purpose. This is the case of the 'picture rail', a thin trimming placed about 30 to 60 cm from the ceiling and whose objective was to hang pictures in such a way that it was not necessary to drill holes in the walls and thus be able to change the paintings when necessary (can please someone explain to me why did we stopp using them!?)

As you can see, this element even today can be functional or merely aesthetic.

What I find most interesting about the picture rail is that it delimits the wall, opening path to endless decorative possibilities.

Often the coldest countries with fewer hours of sunshine are the ones that innovate the most with color, they need a visual and emotional stimulation. For example, in the following case, the British paint company has chosen a fascinating color palette, even on the ceiling.

Empresa de pinturas Inglesa ha escogido una paleta de colores fascinante para este salón, morado en paredes hasta el picture rail, y color lila por encima del picture rail y el techo.

Image Credit: Paint & Paper

If you prefer something more subtle, Home edit has the perfect example of a classic home in pastel tones, which creates a more peaceful atmosphere.

Home edit tiene el ejemplo perfecto de un hogar clásico en tonos pastel, que generan un ambiente más pacífico.

Image Credit: Home Edit

The next example is also subtle, more feminine, and combined with period furniture creates a very delicate fusion.

Ejemplo de decoración clásico moderno y sutil, más femenino, y combinado con mobiliario de época crea una fusión muy delicada.

Image Credit: Anthropologie

Take me to heaven: Cornices and moldings

When talking about embellishing the ceiling with trimming, the possibilities are endless. The first thing we must consider is whether we want it to stand out or be a more subtle element.

There are many cornices and trimming on the market with modern and clean lines that can add style to your interior without saturating it. And I'm sure you've already seen many of them, which is why here I show you especially beautiful examples.

The following example shows that combining styles, in this case classic (cornices) and rustic with a 'cottage' feel (furniture, floor...) is possible.

Cocina que combina el estilo clásico con el cottage

Image Credit: Devol Kitchen

The following example corresponds to an apartment in the Eixample's neighbourhood in Barcelona, the ceiling has a very artistic detail, and the hydraulic floors mark the character of the room, hence the choice of an eclectic but minimalist decoration combined with modern lamps (the wall lamp by Serge Mouille and standing floor lamp by Marset) create a space that feels very natural, not at all ostentatious.

Piso clásico del Eixample de Barcelona, con molduras florales en el techo, combinados con lámparas modernas de Serge Mouille

'Image Credit: micasa

Piso clásico en el Eixample de Barcelona con estilo clásico, pero muy minimalista.

Image Credit: micasa

A touch of art: ceiling rosettes

Once the cornices have been chosen, we can give a touch of art to your home by integrating ceiling rosettes, these are very effective in elevating the style of a room.

Un roseton en techo eleva esta estancia, acompañado de una lámpara de araña clásica

Image Credit: Orac Decor

I suggest the ceiling rosette you choose is larger than the lamp itself, to give it greater prominence. How much bigger? In homes with low ceilings and simple trimming, it is best to choose smaller, less ornate rosettes.

The combination of a ceiling rosette, a vintage element, with a modern lamp or even a suspended light bulb usually generates a WOW factor. In the following example, a ceiling rosette with simple lines (without floral patterns...) and a modern light fixture have been chosen; The result is a classic and elegant home.

Cocina clásico moderna donde se combinan materiales y molduras clásicas con lámpara moderna

Image Credit: Orac Decor

The following example also demonstrates how classic and modern can coexist in the same environment.

Comedor clásico donde se combinan materiales y molduras clásicas con lámpara moderna estilo pamela

Image Credit: Orac Decor

The following example is one of my favourites, combining a sophisticated element, the ceiling rosette, with the simplicity of suspended light bulbs. They stand out particularly, because they have also played with an emerald green tone on the central wall.

Comedor clásico moderno, pared en verde esmeralda y techos en blanco,donde se combinan roseton en techo con la sencillez de una lámpara artesanal con bombillas

Image Credit: Couch Style DE

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with high ceilings, you have probably already had the feeling that they sometimes create cold environments. Large ceiling rosettes create an impact factor and help make tall rooms more welcoming. In the following example we see the same level of detail and style in the cornices as in the rose window.

Roseton extra large en un comedor de techos altos, crea un efecto de acogedor

Image Credit: Pufikhomes

In the following example, a French ceiling chandelier has been chosen and it is appropriate to the level of detail of the ceiling rosette, creating a fascinating fusion.

7 formas de añadir personalidad a la arquitectura de tu casa: consejos de Interioristas en Sitges: Roseton y lámpara francesa se funden en un interior Inglés donde se ha escogido una paleta de color fascinante, morado en paredes y lila en techos.

Image Credit: Paint & Paper

Door frame or entrance to paradise?

The difference is evident, check it out for yourself in the following image.

La diferencia entre un marco de puerta moderno y un marco de puerta clásico, el segundo eleva el interior y lo convierte en un hogar alucinante.

Image Credit: WindsorONE

Create a focal point with a fireplace

Can I have a fireplace without having a fireplace!? If you like the style, you can incorporate an antique fireplace mantel as a decorative element. Personally, I find them beautiful and they offer many possibilities for decorating, especially with books, art pieces and paintings.

The following example is pure art, it blends classic with modern, and it does it in a very elegant and subtle way.

7 formas de añadir personalidad a la arquitectura de tu casa: consejos de Interioristas en Sitges: chimenea decorativa

Image credit: Room for tuesday

Although maybe you prefer more drama. In the following example, the classic fireplace has been decorated with dark tones and is used as a kind of sanctuary, filled with candles. In any case, the fireplace mantel continues to be a success.

7 formas de añadir personalidad a la arquitectura de tu casa: consejos de Interioristas en Sitges: chimenea decorativa

Image credit: Pufikhome

Once you have the architectural elements that define the style of your home, decorating will become a lot easier.

I know what you're thinking: 'sure! With these fabulous interiors it is easy to decorate, but how do I do it in my modern interior? You would be surprised by the drastic change that can be made in your home by changing skirtings, cornices, floors, doors and strategically choosing an appropriate colour palette.

If you want to turn your home into a trip to the past, an interesting, daring and stimulating home, at LADY J. INTERIORS we know how to achieve it.

I can't wait to hear all about your project. Please share your project with me here.





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