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3 Signs it's Time to Renovate Your Home (and You Know You Want To!)

Hey there! I'm Jimena, and like many of you, I found myself looking for a new home in Sitges area a few years ago. My husband and I moved from the UK back to Barcelona, ready to put down roots and create our new family. Our selection was narrowed down to two options: a brand new house with that luxurious feel but not so great location, or a 1970s house which needed a full refurbishment but had beautiful views and was very close to the idyllic town of Sitges. Guess which one we went for!?

That's right – we went for the '70s challenge! The house we bought needed a lot of work and for a while we felt very frustrated with its interior. Therefore, if you are feeling frustrated with your home I get it- that feeling your home just isn't working for you. It might be time to begin your renovation and make it amazing!

Here are 3 signs that your home is ready for a refresh:

Sign 1- The frustration drives you nuts

Certain aspects of your home just drive you nuts.  The awkward layout that makes tidying a constant battle.  Those old finishes in the kitchen and bathroom that haven't seen an update in ages.  Maybe the flooring feels too traditional and darkens the whole room, or the furniture whispers "car boot sale" a little too loudly.  Perhaps the walls are decorated with gotelé texture. I have been there, I feel your pain!

Sign 2 - Your home is stuck in the past

If your home feels stuck in the past. A simple refresh just won't do it. Redecorating feels pointless when the bones of the space are not right. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms are often the main reasons that lead my clients to embark on a full renovation adventure.

"Kitchen and bathrooms should be the main focus when you want to add value to your new home."

Bathroom before renovation in Sitges
Bathroom after renovation in Sitges with Lady J. Interiors

Sign 3 - Your home isn't functioning for your family, but you love the location

You love the sitges area location, just like me, but the interior? Not so much. Maybe the layout is simply not functioning well for your family's needs, maybe the installations such as the lighting scheme are poorly planned. A full renovation is your chance to create a home that resonates with you and your family.

Sitges coast view through balustrade detail
Sitges coast view through balustrade detail

Plus... sometimes you just want a fresh start!

Sometimes, life needs something to feel excited about: a renovation is a chance to write a whole new chapter for your home, crafting a space that's bespoke to your needs and dreams.  Yes, there might be a few bumps along the road, but the end result? Totally worth it.

And hey, a little knowledge goes a long way! I've got tons of helpful info on renovations right here on my blog.

Interior Designer Jimena Sarli from Lady J. Interiors, proud after completing a full renovation in Sitges.

If you're ready to ditch the frustration and create a home in Sitges you love, you're not alone! 

With my experience, after living and working in Oxford (UK), working for renowned universities such as Oxford University and Southampton University, I know what it means to provide a high standard service.

I have developed the best full Interior Design service in Sitges area. Let's talk, renovate and transform your home in Sitges together!





We create homes with a sophisticated, classic and timeless style where living is a delight for your senses.
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